Sunday, 23 June 2013

Art Deco at Avebury

I have been desperate to visit Avebury Manor ever since watching the BBC series 'The Manor Reborn' which saw the beautiful old house and gardens transformed. Do you remember the show? Dear dear Penelope Keith and scrumptious Paul Martin in his jewel like corduroys.

The house is a delight of course and is unique in that most of it is very touchy feely, they positively encourage you to jump on the beds. The Edwardian kitchen has piles of dirty plates on the drainer which I assume occasionally get washed by very tidy visitors.
The draw for me, and I know this is gonna sound silly, was the carpet in the Art Deco drawing room.

Don't you just love it? It must have cost a pretty penny though. One day when I have lots of pretty pennies I might have a racing car carpet of my very own, it's a harmless enough ambition for a girl to have after all.

The rest of the room is pretty hot too.

When the mister and I move in a couple of years to our final abode which hopefully will be a barn conversion or farmhouse, I must resist the temptation to mix my vintages and just stick to an Art Deco vibe even if only for one room. My current drawing room's latest incarnation is supposed to be Art Deco but a couple of irresistible items from the 1950s have crept in, I can't help myself, I'll show you in my next post.


  1. What a fabulous place and I love your photos - how did you get that effect, I wonder?

    1. Hi Nilly, the special effect on my pictures is achieved using the Hipstamatic Ap. There is a choice of finish and this is one of them.

      Jean x

  2. That drawing room is amazing! I do remember that series, I didn't know that was the house, I'll have to put it on my to visit list!

  3. Mark and I have been to Avebury twice and both times the house has been shut. Your post and photos have made me want to visit even more so next time I'll make sure we go when its actually open!

    p.s did you hug a stone in the stone circle?!