Friday, 21 June 2013

Free Tickets Art in Clay

Hello lovely readers, very simple offer from me today. I have two tickets that admit two people to the 2013 Art in Clay event being held next month at Hatfield House.

I usually pop along but can't make it this year. If anyone would like one or both of the tickets ping me an email and I'll send them to you. :)


  1. Hi, this is very kind and if i am not late, i would love a tickets. I usually go for free via friends. They only can make it in the week-end and i only can go on friday.
    Many thanks for your kind offer.

    1. Hi, you're not too late, I have admissions for up to 4 people, 2 tickets that admit 2.
      Unfortunately your email address is a 'no reply' one so I'm hoping you will see this. Just email your postal address and how many tickets you would like and I'll send them.
      Jean x

  2. Hi,

    Do you still have these tickets? Would you allow me to use them? Michelle