Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Start of my Season

The start of the British 'Summer' Season for the toffs amongst us usually means the beginning of several months of high jinks and japes, with lashings of champagne and cucumber sandwiches.

image via furinsider .com
For us mere mortals it means getting out into our gardens and sorting out the mess the British Winter has left behind. Mr S&P and I are also trying to establish some sort of framework for our garden. At the end of last year we had enough money to put some decorative fencing up towards the back of the garden, which hides all the piles of wood, gravel, rubbish to be burnt etc. We also cleared a large border in front of the panels in readiness for planting. It has been covered all Winter to keep it weed free, yesterday we removed the cover, so we've got to get a wiggle on now to get it planted. We have some plants which are from cuttings we took last year and we also bagged a few small plants from Freecycle. I think unfortunately we will have to buy the rest.

We also want to create a pretty seating area at the back to make the most of the summer sun this year.

This afternoon we will be planting over 70 small bare root Lonicera Nitida to form a neat surround for our newly created raised vegetable beds.

Then there is the red brick pathway to finish off, bricks courtesy of Freecycle again. Hurrah for that noble institution.

Then clear out all the waterlogged plants and remove the mouldy table cover, rub the furniture down and repaint, then we will be ready to sit out with a nice drink or two. Let's hope Winter is not back upon us before then.


  1. Your garden is going to look stunning and that ornamental fence is the perfect backdrop to the border - great idea to use egg boxes.

  2. Thanks Rosemary, we are hoping for great things from our little seeded egg boxes. I've never tried them before, I'm hoping they won't disintegrate before they have been planted out with a little seedling in them.

    Jean xx

  3. You put me to shame! I have been thinking about a new design for mine though: the look will be "Neglected Edwardian garden, abandoned in about 1914". Shouldn't be too difficult...

    1. Indeed faded Grandeur is the key Nilly :)If only we had the staff to implement it eh?
      Jean x