Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day Out in London

This week has just flown so haven't been able to post as much as I would like, apologies if you have been checking in and found nothing to amuse. I hope this post will make up for it as I have some thrifty tips to impart which should be useful.

The Mister's birthday last Friday, so a trip to London was on the cards. We had tickets for an evening performance of a one man show playing at a tiny theatre just off Leicester Square. The play 'Two Halves of Guinness' was written by one of my husband's clients, Mark Burgess and it was brilliant.

The part was played by Trevor Littledale who was totally convincing as Alec Guinness. An amazing performance as he spoke without falter for over 90 minutes.

Because we had the day to ourselves we went up to town around midday and had it in our minds to visit the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. I quickly googled discount offers for the museum and discovered that if you travel to London by train there are over 150 2FOR1 offers when you show your rail tickets when paying your admission. This saved us a whopping £15.00 on the entrance fee. The tickets themselves were off peak and saved us another £21.80.( I only learnt recently that if you travel in a party of 3 or 4 you can travel for the price of 2, but you have to ask as British Rail don't seem keen to widely advertise the fact).
With so much money saved we felt justified in stopping off en route to the museum at the Bakery Covent Garden for a shared croque monsieur and some jasmine tea and cake.
I was very impressed with this sweet little shop and the staff. We asked to share a croque monsieur and they served each half with a salad dressing and two sets of cutlery instead of just serving it up on one plate with two sets of cutlery. The cakes are pretty amazing too.

We wanted to visit the LT museum to have a squiz at the totally fabulous travel poster exhibition that's on there at the moment but actually the rest of the stuff there is great fun, especially sitting in old trolley buses and
vintage tube carriages next to the mannequins.

Good to know

My favourite poster

The Mister's favourite poster
We had a mooch around Covent Garden before our Chinatown supper and saw this incredible guy who looks like he's sitting on air, curious and scary in equal measure.


  1. We saw a chap doing that in Spain but he also had one leg resting up on the other - very strange - did you work out how he did it? I think that two legs must go down one trouser leg and the other one has a metal leg and seat hidden in it.
    Glad you had a lovely outing, teatime looks delectable.

    1. I thought maybe the trousers were themselves rigid with an integral seat and two legs, whatever, he must have been terribly uncomfortable after a short time not moving. There were a few other 'statues' in the same area of Covent garden but he was the most impressive.
      Jean x

  2. What a fantastic trip - I envy you. I get very homesick for London & the South East.

    1. I grew up in London Nilly so know it very well, but always enjoy going up from the south coast where we live now. So much to tempt though I have to be careful not to get too carried away with purchases.
      Jean x

  3. I love your pictures, the bakery looks beautiful. The transport museum is a great place to visit. I have taken many a school trip. I love all the old tube posters. Thank you for sharing :-)