Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Simpson Piccadilly - a British Tradition

Evening Dress 1936

Fashion for the Phoney War 1939-1940

Sportswear 1940s

Looking tailored even in an air raid, no need to let standards slip.

The first round of upcycled clothing?

High spirits in the late 1940s.


When Simpson first opened it's doors in 1936 it was perceived as the height of modernity, the store itself and the tailored clothing on offer. All these years later I look at these fashion plates and absolutely adore the British heritage and tradition they evoke. In a non jingoistic way I'm so pleased to be British.

A bit like this guy.  Although his tailoring is not so subtle as Simpson's.

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  1. Those all-in-one outfits remind me of Churchill's "siren suit". They were adopted by post-war mums to keep their toddlers warm - I had a blue one. I suppose they'd call them onesies now.