Thursday, 7 March 2013

New York State of Mind

If I had all the time in the world or maybe just some extra spare time I would do more craft. I absolutely adore making things especially when they turn out well.

Purl Bee is a beautiful craft store based in New York, who regularly send me totally tantalising e-letters about all the amazing projects they are involved in, I so wish they were my local store. In my mind I could see myself as one of their regulars, drinking cwoffeeey and looking uber cool, and creating breathtaking 'stuff ' that New Yorkers would pay the earth for :)

The nearest I have got to that oh so lovely dream world of creativity recently, is cooking from my hurriedly purchased, 'Smitten Kitchen' book. The author, also based in New York looks very jolly and very American. She has only the tiniest kitchen but produces the most gorgeous looking food.

I saw this book on another blog and was indeed instantly smitten with the concept and the look of the book.
Straight on to Amazon, immediate purchase, like I need another cook book!
Anyhoo I have just finished making her grapefruit olive oil pound cake.
That can't be fattening right? I mean grapefruit and olive oil c'mon.

And tonight yet more creativity, with harvest (read Waitrose) roast chicken with grapes, olives and rosemary.
I hope this food tastes as good as Deb Perelman makes it look, I'll let you know ma petites.


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  1. Loving the sheep, he's class! Pound cake looks very appetising. I'm with you, it 's got to be good for you!