Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm Puzzled

I've had an enormous amount of hits on a recent post (cheers to herself), but am completely puzzled as to why.
'New York State of Mind' is a nice enough post but why such attention? Have I featured on some fabulously glamorous and busy popular site?
Can anyone out there tell me?


  1. Possibly it's because "New York State of Mind" is a song by Billy Joel & Googlers are searching for the lyrics?
    Also Jay-Z had a recent hit with "Empire State of Mind" in which the repeated refrain is "New York..."
    Both searches might find your blog post.

    1. Hi Nilly, Thanks for your input. It shows me on my stats page the key words used to find me and my posts and you're right, those phrases are on there but nowhere near the amount of hits I got and actually seem to still be getting.
      I'm not complaining of course:) It's very nice to be popular, long may it continue. I just thought if I 'threw' the question out there someone who had seen the post somewhere else might let me know, I'm intrigued.
      Jean x