Sunday, 20 November 2011


I am as you know dear reader, an old fashioned girl. It took me the longest time to buy a microwave oven, I still don't cook anything in it but I do use it to heat things up, all well and good. I held off for as long as possible before I succumbed to a mobile phone, and yes of course it is very useful and yes I feel odd if I go out without it now. But I hate texting and only really use my phone to make calls. A fact which totally bemuses my call provider when I tell them I don't want to upgrade my phone. So there is no way I would want to get involved with facebook or twitter or any other 'social networking site'. Less is always more for me. And in my mind nothing can or should replace dealing with people, acquaintences and friends face to face. Liking/loving people and sharing time and space with them is a very important part of what gives meaning to 'quality of life'.
                                                                   Sharing Interests
                                                                  Loving the same fashions
Just yesterday I took myself off to an Antiques event in Lewes town hall, where I set up my Shrimpton and Perfect stall and spent the day talking to the public and selling them top notch vintage accoutrements. It was the best fun, seeing and meeting all different types of people, and talking to them about what they love about vintage.
I also met two new fabulous women who were also there on their own selling their wares. Margaret and Pepita.
Two women more unlike you couldn't possibly imagine, but both lovely bright energised people with a love for life. What a great day. Now I suspect our paths may cross again but if they don't it doesn't really matter, the day was perfect as it was.
I do have a good circle of friends, some close friends and one special friend, I know how lucky I am and what friendships mean to me. And yes I have 'friends' in the blogging world but that is on a different level. Valued but different.
These two ladies have been great friends since they met at primary school over nine decades ago, they are both 101. They have stayed close throughout their lives and have had many shared experiences. Real life experiences not virtual ones. Times are very tough, we can help each other through it, family, friends and community. 

1&2 Beryl Cook
3 Don Pasquale Glyndebourne

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