Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Staying at Miss. Potter's

The problem with celebrating a birthday in December is that you're usually competing for restaurant/hotel space with all the folk celebrating their Christmas parties. In the past the Mr and I have found ourselves in some great city locations that have been completely overwhelmed by 'happy' revellers.

This December is a 'big' birthday for me, so we have decided to celebrate proper next Summer, but I still wanted to do something nice in December. I didn't really fancy flying anywhere and also didn't want to spend heaps of money, so I've had my thinking cap on for quite a while.

Reading Rosemary's blog post today I had a brainwave. Which has led to us booking Yew Tree Farm cottage, once owned by Beatrix Potter.

image via yewtree-farm.com
The cottage is set amidst the spectacular Lake District landscape and is only a relatively short distance from where we live now. The interiors look amazing and still house some of Beatrix's chattels. Plus we managed to book it for a week for under £500.

My inspirational blogging chums have come up trumps again!


  1. That looks idyllic. What a beautiful place to spend your special birthday

  2. For December you might also need a suit similar to Ms Potter's; very thick tweed, and ankle length. It looks wonderful.

    1. Yes indeed. I also intend to take a sketch pad and pencils, I'm sure I will feel inspired.

  3. how lovely! for a minute i thought that was you!

  4. I hope you take lots of photos when you are there, a whole year to wait...

  5. Fantastic! I will look forward to hearing all about it x

  6. How lovely, it's a beautiful part of the world :-)