Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Joyful Tove Jansson

My love of all things Scandinavian leads me to ponder many an interesting thing. My latest (re)discovery is Tove Jansson. We all know her as the creator of the dear little Moomin characters.

But oh my giddy Aunt, she was so much more. I have to admit a teeny bit of a girl crush on her. What an interesting and extraordinary woman she was, revealed in this BBC documentary.

If you have time, make yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and watch the story of her exemplary life.


  1. Having a Swedish wife, I have to agree with you about all things Scandinavian.

  2. I think Tove Jansson is completely brilliant.

    A lovely post :)

  3. Hello Jean, I love this post, thank you so much for Tweeting about it. I once sold a set of all the Moomin books each signed by Tove and as the ‘icing on the cake’ she also drew one of the Moomins in the front of each book. I will forever regret selling them, although I was pleased with the revenue at the time. xx

    1. Oh Barbara, we've all parted with things we wished we hadn't. You never know though they might find there way back to you .

  4. My eldest son (now 35) used to love the Moomins. He called them 'the pippys' for some reason and was thrilled to bits when I found him a cute little red sweatshirt with a 'pippy' on the front. He wore that little top to death and refused to part with it until he could no longer move his arms when he had it on ... happy memories, thanks for this post :-)