Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Melvyn Is On The Case

Alas the house viewing didn't go well. It was too small for us, not that you'd have thought it from the 'Stretch Armstrong' pictures we saw on the estate agents website. I did mention to the estate agent how deceptive the photos were and how they immediately make the property a disappointment and her response was "we're not the only estate agent that do it".

We will press on until we find the right place to call home, but I hope we find it soon.

We have some help now in the shape of an orphaned gnome we found buried underneath a shrub in the garden of our rented house. He was very unloved and for obvious reasons was quite cross about being abandoned. He told me his name was Melvyn, which with the help of Mr.Google I have since discovered means strong friend or chief.

I brought him inside and gave him a good clean and a little make over. Quite right, you cannot afford to offend other worldly creatures.

He has put the word out to the fairy folk that we are looking for a lovely home and would you believe it, the very village we have set our hearts on has quite a lot of gnomes dotted about. Coincidence? I think not.


  1. Well that's a fab makeover, I could do with one of those :) I will keep my fingers crossed for you, your next home is out there somewhere.

  2. He looks nicer than the awful plastic things at Asda that I had on my blog the other week

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  4. He looks a lot cheerier now that he's had a makeover. I hope his luck works for you.

  5. Don't you just hate it when they do that... make doors look a metre wide... it works the other way. I saw details of the house we're in now and refused to see it, they were terrible, but he'd gone to see it and it was so much bigger than in the photos, so when I went I was saying to the estate agent "no wonder you haven't sold it with those photos" and my man was mouthing "shhh".

  6. Always wise to get them on your side. He looks much happier with a fresh lick of paint x