Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hope you're all having a lovely time today so far. I've got a date night with the Mister this evening. He's at Twickenham at the moment watching rugby, so I'm sorting things out at Perfect Towers. I can't say too much about my plans for tonight as he sometimes takes a look at my blog on his train journey home. Can't catch me out eh?

More importantly here are some treats for you m'dears. First off a lovely bunch of roses to show how much I care.

And some delicious coconut and chocolate cake that is guaranteed not to make you put on weight.

Lastly and non virtually here are the details for some 'free' flower or vegetable seeds. Woman's Weekly magazine is running an offer for 5 packs of seeds, you just pay £1.99 postage. All you have to do is sign up for their emails. HERE.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend with the folk you care about most.


  1. HeHe! Well....England are 47~10 in the rugby....
    Five minutes to go...Poor old Italy, they can't play
    rugby anyway. Don't know why they bother...
    I must confess, l'm not a great fan...ALL those
    grown men touching each other, lifting each other
    up by the rump...Neah! Not for me....!
    Now! Ladies rugby.............

    I've seen loads and loads of roses to~day...Poor things
    ALL cut, and put in bunches...'Cutting' their lives by half!
    (According to Monty Don).
    Don't like roses.....Deceitful flower....! False! Now! Pansy's,
    Their a bit different....I love pansy's and orchids! But, in pots
    or in the garden, where they belong.....!

    HeHe! Not a very positive comment....BUT! You know me.
    Tell it as it is...Cards on the table....So, l'm gonna enjoy one
    of famous curries...And, settle down to watch Real Madrid....
    Soooooo! Hope everyone enjoys St Valentino's with friends,
    family, and loved ones....Bless! :).

    "Anyone who had a heart...Would look at me...." NO! Not now
    Willie! =(^..^)=

  2. Willie, you're a lovable rascal. Sorry to hear you don't like roses, I love them. And my heart did a happy skip when the postman knocked on my door earlier today to deliver them. Especially as my man was out for the day. Almost any flowers will make a gal feel special and loved. Grow and give more flowers I say.


  3. Sweet post today. Happy Valentines to you and I hope you have a lovely date with your Mister. x

  4. Happy Vallys Jean! M will be exceedingly jealous when I tell him your old man is at Twickers today, Have a great evening and thank you for the flowers xx

  5. Ooh, lovely! Have a wonderful date with the Mister :) x

  6. Ohhhh lovely flowers & cheap seeds! What's not to love xx

  7. Hope you have a lovely evening!

  8. Hello Jean, thank you for the roses and the chocolate cake, it was so sweet of you to think of me! I hope you enjoyed your Valentines evening with the Mister.