Monday, 16 February 2015

A Busy & Fun Weekend

Valentine's date night went really well, with The Mister getting back from the rugby in goodly time. We don't tend to go out to eat on Feb 14th anymore as we always find the prices are hiked up and the quality reduces accordingly, with two sittings being the norm in restaurants.

So after some research I decided that the Waitrose £20 deal was going to be the best option for us. It was tremendous value with a choice of starter, main, side dish, pudding, fizz and a small box of chocolates. That is all I bought from Waitrose though, as I went on to do the rest of my shop in Lidls and Morrisons. Going to 3 supermarkets in one morning was a bit of a schelp, but I don't mind as it meant I got the best deals from each shop.

The starter I got from Waitrose we actually had for lunch today with some salad and coleslaw left over from making a lunch for friends yesterday. So that stretched the value even further.

I made my own starter on Saturday with the last of our home grown beetroots. A healthy beetroot hummus, which I have to say was picture perfect in its vibrant hue.

The recipe was quick and easy.

350-400g boiled beetroot
1/4 lemon juiced
4tbsps thick natural yoghurt
3 tsps olive oil
1 crushed garlic clove
1 tsp cumin seed toasted and crushed
S&P to taste.

Simply blend all ingredients with a hand blender until smooth, then tweak any flavour adjustments.

Served with warm pitta bread it was gorgeous, although I say so myself.

We've had a very busy weekend and are a little bit over tired, (I feel a darkened room may be calling), as we went out on Friday night too. Still all good fun so I'm not complaining.

Friday we went for a light bite and a glass of wine, before going to see a 1965 Dr Who film at our local heritage cinema, Hailsham Pavilion.

It's such a lovely place to go and on Friday they even had a real Dalek to greet us in the auditorium, I gave him a wide berth of course, I'm not silly. The Mister tried to get on the right side of him by offering him some tea, but the Dalek wasn't having any of it. Apparently he'd already eaten, but what or who I wonder?

I saw the film when it came out in 1965, my big brother took me, it was wonderful seeing it again on the big screen.


  1. Thanks for the beetroot recipe - I've got one ready for harvesting. Actually there are two specimens ready - so the alpacas are going to get their first taste of beetroot too :)

  2. Love the old cinema. M's brother would have been petrified of the Dalek- they made him wee when he was tiny!
    Glad you had a lovely Valentines - the colour of that beetroot is fantastic x

  3. What a fabulous cinema! Thanks for the recipe, always looking for new things to do with beetroot

  4. Well! I'm a bit fan of Peter Cushing...Brilliant!
    Along with Christopher Lee...They were the very
    best! But, Cushing only played the Dr just the once.
    As he only played Sherlock Holmes...Just the once.
    'Hound of the Baskervilles'.
    For me the very best Dr and always voted the best was
    Tom Baker...HeHe! And, yes l do have a Dr Who scarf.
    18ft long....There's a photo of me wearing it on my Blog.
    Loved the old Dr Who's....Can't say anything good about
    the remakes! Yes! I can....Rubbish! :<).

    Won't comment on the food...It ALL looks lovely.....
    And, besides that....Food! I'll go on for ever...
    (You usually do Willie). Yes! Yes!
    But, nice to read that your going to different supermarkets
    to shop Jean....That's what it's ALL about...I go to at least
    three every week....Well..As a professional shopper, l don't
    let any store get the better of me..! I've been at 'war' with
    supermarkets, for a very long time now...And, guess who's

    Well....Nearly 7:30...Time for another lemon tea...Nice and light
    in the morn'ins now....Then a visit to my Bubble~gum pink bathroom,
    to beautify myself.....Job done....! Great!

  5. Mike was supposed to buy the M&S one but the crowds were shocking so he just picked up some steak. Your hummus looks delightful I shall look foward to making it when I have some beetroot to harvest. Hope you find your darkened room x