Friday, 6 February 2015

Getting Hygge With It

Hygge is an old Danish concept that helps Danes get through their long dark winters. Originally an old Norwegian word for well-being, it roughly translates to coziness. It's all about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. I approve, not only because of my Scandi crush, but because I think it's a good blueprint for life generally. Denmark is officially the happiest country in the world, I think more Hygge is required all round.

Last Saturday I had the best Hygge evening. Listening to Lisa Tarbuck on the radio and knitting by a roaring log fire. Pendragon meanwhile was experiencing her own Hygge moment enjoying the underfloor heating in the kitchen.


  1. Ah! HeHe! Breaking News! Breaking News! :).
    'Denmark falls to third as the Happiest Country in the World'.
    1)Panama. 2)Costa Rica 3)Denmark.
    Reasons....To much blue in the cheese....Bacon, a bit iffy.
    All this on Waitangi Day....!

    One thing l do like and has always made me happy....Is my
    Scandinavian Pine, in my dining room. It's a little bit special.
    Rather a soft wood, but lovely, it's a lovely wood colour too!
    Lot nicer than that Scottish stuff. Though l have to keep the
    table covered! Had many, many dinner parties around it to.
    With the extension, l can sit 12 around it! Spent many hours
    of happiness with family and friends...HeHe! "Pass the salt".

    So! This evening with friends light a candle, draw the curtains,
    sit by an open fire....And enjoy a Hygge Danish evening...!
    Open a bottle of Sicilian wine....HeHe! Red of course....! :>).

  2. That sounds like a very good idea. It's too easy to forget to adapt to the seasons and keeping warm and cosy is the lovely bit of winter :o) What are you knitting? (she says, being nosy!) xx

    1. Ah, still knitting the blankie. Takes a long time but I'm doing a bit every day now. Still enjoying it.


  3. The Germans also have a word for it : "gemutlicheit". Whatever the word - your evening sounds wonderful. Enjoy :)

  4. Sounds like the perfect evening! x

  5. what a lovely idea, i think I would like to adopt it! xxx

  6. I had never heard of Hygge but it sounds like a fine idea to me! Have a good weekend...

  7. I am experiencing hygge myself at the moment - not always easy in winter.

  8. Love your photos! And underfloor heating - wow, the ultimate coziness!

  9. It's a lovely notion. I'm really into the contrasts in winter, the cold outside and my warm cosy home. I love your drinks cabinet, Billy Holiday sure looks good in the glow of your gorgeous poodle lamp. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.x

  10. I wore my new Gudrun Sjoden coat up into the Yorkshire hills today - a very snuggly and warm Scandi feeling!

  11. I love this concept, I really enjoy the changing of the seasons and embracing the change. Your evening sounds and looks very hygge.