Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Allure of Vinyl and Brubeck

The mister and I moved house a few times with our joint LP collection in boxes. Sentimental value you see. Eventually their condition began to deteriorate and we faced the fact we should really pass them on or sell them, by this point we didn't even own a record player and frankly had no intention of ever buying another one.
We gave them to our boy Jack, records were a revelation to him and uber cool.

But after watching the recent BBC2 Arena Dave Brubeck special, I really really want another player. I have 'discovered' a love of jazz and I must listen to it in the correct format. I also have a hankering to listen to the wireless in the comfort of my 'vintage' style drawing room. You know the one I spent a lifetime making the curtains for last year.

So I'm now on the hunt for a super stylish radiogram something like this one.

I know I will find one that's just right, I just have to keep looking. In the meantime I have made a few vinyl purchases, just to be ready, natch.

The man himself.

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  1. One of my sons has something he refers to as "my decks" to play his vintage vinyl on - but they look far too techno for your taste. Good luck with your search!