Thursday, 3 January 2013

Right, everyone out there determined to get fit, healthy and lose weight in 2013 put your hands up. Ok everyone out there who has made the same resolution before put your hand up.

Just as I thought it's a draw. Yes, my hand was up both times as well, so you're not on your own. I spent a great deal of time over the Christmas holidays thinking and making plans to increase my enjoyment of life, which I obviously hope will make me a better person too, ha ha.

My first and most important priority is to lose the two stone I have been carrying around for a few years now. Yes I want to learn Italian, do more craft, increase business and do more things and meet new people, but weight loss is numero uno.

No tittering at the back, this is serious THIS time.

I have just taken advantage of a free well woman check offered by my GP. So everything is ok, but some things are borderline, sugar levels and blood pressure. I'm not the sort of gal to take medicines so I'm determined to be healthier and fitter by reducing my food intake, tweaking my diet and exercising more.

I started properly on January 1st and my goal is to lose 1 lb a week, which I think is firstly do able and secondly sensible.

My allies in this new world order are two bargain books purchased at my local chazza shop. Cost of books £4.00.

This cookbook is just the ticket, as it lists all the information you need to eat a balanced low fat diet, and supplies you with the recipes that will make losing weight a lot easier.

Last night we had pork stroganoff. The recipe called for sour cream and broccoli but we substituted natural yogurt and red cabbage. Delicious.
I should also add we didn't do the brandy thing, no no, too risky.

The evening before I cooked the Hairy Bikers low fat sweet and sour prawns, which we ate with the smallest amount of noodles you can imagine. 



This other small book has some simple guidelines to help make the right food choices and the correct portions and quantities to eat in order to lose weight and maximise the health benefits.                                                            

I'm also taking two supplements and drinking a Benecol yogurt drink daily.

Last night's dinner.

I'm hoping you will be able to click on the recipe to enlarge and read it, let me know if you can't and want the details.


  1. Just a thought - I have a friend who is having great success with the diet that involves 1 day no more than 500 calories, 1 day eat what you want. Apparently it tricks your body into famine mode and you start to burn off body fat. He is disappearing fast!

  2. Thanks Nilly, yes I've heard of this method. In fact a few folk at work had success with it, it sounds great if you just want to drop some weight. But what I'm hoping to do is to create a more balanced diet for life. This should control and reduce my cholestral and sugar levels, and in turn keep my BP at a healthy rate. Whilst hopefully at the same time will help me lose weight. When I hit forty I was at my ideal weight and maintained that for years quite 'easily', but I had a change in lifestyle that began the slippery slope. I need to get back into the right groove and stay in it.

    Jean x