Saturday, 5 January 2013

Get Fit Keep Fit

Very good start to my new healthier regime. I've made time for 7 lots of exercise in the last 9 days. (Although my weight loss challenge started properly on January 1st).

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Mainly swimming and power walking but also gym work. I already belong to a gym but now I'm actually making proper use of it.

I cooked a vegetarian lasagne last night served with a winter slaw of grated carrot, red cabbage and cubed avocado and beetroot, really yum.

In the mornings I'm having Champneys soaked muesli, which is very tasty and filling. It's a good base to add different fruits, seeds and nuts to.

Champneys Soaked Muesli (8 portions)

1 lb porridge rolled oats
4 oz Raisins
1 Apple grated
1 Pear grated


Soak all the ingredients in 1 pint of soya milk overnight then add orange and lime zest, plus natural yoghurt to achieve desired consistency.

Dried fruits such as pineapple can also be added in when soaking overnight for extra flavour. 

I actually used skimmed milk and just used the oats and raisins, adding additional bits and bobs in the morning.

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  1. Sounds tasty and healthy indeed! Thank you for sharing the recipes that can help you start the year right. Also, can you share some facts about that vintage picture. It really looks interesting.