Monday, 22 October 2012

Thrifty Presents

Not all my chums and family are fans of the chazza shop. In fact I do know one or two people who would probably feel down right insulted if I gave them something pre-owned.

I think that is such a shame, after all even her Maj admits to having someone else 'break' her shoes in for her. And let's face it every time we stay at a hotel, yes even the posh ones, we are using bed linen, towels, china and glass ware that has been used a LOT by persons unknown.

Of course it's a given that anything purchased from the beloved chazza emporium should either be totally unused or in tip top condition. The secret is to always be on the lookout for things and to snaffle them up speedily once spied.

Today whilst out and about getting the food shopping I checked out a couple of shops and found something I didn't even know I was looking for, who'd have thunk?

Such a bargain..........................

Very plain I know and not really vintage, but absolutely perfect little side plates which will look ok with any colour dinner plates, and smaller than the mismatched ones I already have, what a bonus. Perfect for Christmas when we will probably be having a good few people round for some festive munchettes.

The price £1.00 for twelve plates. It would have been rude not to buy them. 

The shop I bought them from gets a lot of donations, so sells things off at really good prices, they keep their money flowing in and customers go back often.

But I digress, thrifty presents.

What can you get for a friend who is turning 60 and looking forward to his future retirement in the coming years by building a modest home in a local woodland. Said friend has worked all his life as a gardener and enjoys a simple rustic life. He lived for a long time in France and loves their food and wine, but methinks it's tea that he drinks everyday and plenty of it. So for him it has to be a teapot.

A large good & sturdy manly Denby stoneware one, which I think would look perfect in any log cabin, or woodland dwelling:) 
I picked this up months ago because it is good quality and is in great condition, it doesn't look like it has ever been used.

I'm gonna add some teas, one of which was actually a free sample form a very posh tea atelier.

Wrap it all up in some gingham fabric, (that I got from free cycle), and tie it with some suitably rustic string.

This present hasn't cost me a lot, but I know he will love it, and that pleases me greatly.


  1. I agree Jean, I'd much rather get someone something that I know they will love regardless of where its from and how much it cost. A bit of thought really does go a long way and I know the best presents I've ever received have always been the ones that tell me that the person giving them knows and cares about me and it really doesn't matter how much they cost or where they are from.

    p.s I'm coming shopping with you - £1 for 12 plates - a real bargain! xxx

  2. Your charity shop sounds fantastic! I cannot resist giving presents with a theme too - trouble is, it's got a bit competitive with my best friend. You know - who's going to do the cleverest theme this Christmas...!

    1. Oooh Nilly ,let me know what you give to each other this year.
      Jean x