Monday, 29 October 2012

Country Christmas Give Away

I've been musing on the fact that it is just over a year since my first Shrimpton and Perfect blog post.
And it is customary I feel to celebrate the occasion with a giveaway for my readers and followers.

In true thrifty fashion, this beautiful Country Living book was given to me last week in a goodie bag at a readers day event. 
Well obviously I don't need any help in the Christmas department, ha ha, so best to pass it on methinks to inspire some other lovely soul.

It's a large soft back book with 128 pages of top tips and sensational colour photos, covering all the essentials for a truly memorable festive season. 

To enter just leave a comment on any of my posts or become a follower of my site, anyone doing both will be entered twice. The giveaway is open to all my readers worldwide. Good luck Latvia, yay.


  1. Christmas seems to come around early and early, but to be prepared helps.

  2. This year I'm hoping to do a Make Do and Mend Christmas - looks like there's lots of inspiration amongst the pages of this tome.