Sunday, 9 September 2012

Scary Sewing Update.

I've had a sewing machine at my disposal as it were for 4 years. Yes four. Mr.S&P bought it for me at my request from Country Living magazine. Subscribers offer, so not to be missed.

Finally I'm making good use of it, and of course it has turned out to be an asset on the thrifty front, always a good thing, because I'm using it to make curtains for our revamped drawing room. SAVING MONEY :) And this is only it's first outing.

I did get a quote from a local curtain maker to make the curtains but it was going to be about £500.00. Ouch!

You will know I do always like to use local services when I can, (I really like the idea of keeping money circulating within my own community) and I'm sure she does an excellent job and of course she has to make a living for herself, but I can't bring myself to spend that amount on curtains. Even if I had it to spend, which I don't.

So I thought to myself if I can manage wallpapering I must be able to sew some curtains, right? How hard could it be? 

Well quite hard actually. I took the machine out of it's little nest, took one look at all the numbers, colour codes and dials and thought crikey this looks complicated. I read the instruction manual and had the same thought.
So what to do? Call a friend who sews and get her round to mine sharpish!

Within minutes the machine was 'loaded' and ready to fire.

But first we had to cut up the 24 metres of fabric into manageable lengths, said friend also brought round sharp scissors. Did I say she is a good friend?  Thankfully I have some floor space in my kitchen.

These are the two windows I need to cover.

And as you know dear reader my recently wallpapered 'feature' wall is rather flamboyant, so I opted for plain cream linen/cotton fabric, no pattern match, jolly good. 

But I wanted to make them look a bit more bespoke and not totally boring, so I've chosen some ribbons to run across the integral valance. Oh yes an integral valance.

Did I hear someone say "overly ambitious", moi?

I'll let you see for yourselves very soon.

If my curtain making optimism hasn't made you laugh enough already, or even if it has, pop over to this lovely blog.

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