Sunday, 30 September 2012

Be Inspired, Be Patient, Be Rewarded.

Like most people I get sent a lot of information either by email or through the post, about new products on the market. From a lot of desperate sellers trying to shift their goods. 

Fair play to them. I mean if the well heeled weren't buying at the top, how would there be anything in the Chazza shops for the likes of you and me eh?

I really love the high end catalogues from Toast, Plumo and my favourite Anthropologie. I flick through them exclaiming, how much? they must be kidding! and who buys this stuff? 

But I must admit I normally do love the look of their products. I even succumbed once and paid £99.00 for a teal blue dress from Toast. But honestly, never again, the dress was ok, but the quality was pants. 

So now I let them inspire me. Then I go out on the hunt for something similar in the Chazza shops, or boot fairs or indeed Ebay. So much more satisfying then paying bundles for something mass produced, probably in China.

This from Plumo, 'soft and colourful throw woven from mohair and wool in a subtle checked pattern. Made by Irish weavers, 70% mohair/30%wool.' £115 each.

This from my local chazza shop, soft and colourful throw woven from mohair and wool in a subtle checked pattern. Made by Scottish weavers in their homes, 70% mohair/30% wool. £3.50.

With a little bit of time and effort I think you can find most things you want, at a good price without sacrificing quality or style. 

What have you found lately?


  1. Love Anthropologie & Toast - must take a look at Plumo. I agree with you in principle but up here in't North you have to be quick to find anything good in Chazza shops - market traders scour them for good labels to sell on!
    Latest Chazza finds - very lacy Victorian nightie & new Laura Ashley dress in Deal, Kent.

  2. Toast, Plumo, Boden: EYEWATERING. I am doing the same as you - getting inspiration from the catalogues then finding alternatives on Ebay or just plain going without. Lately I've been making my own clothes, with mixed success...but hey, I love the experiments anyway. Make Do And Mend!