Thursday, 6 September 2012

It Was the Best of Times. It Was the Busiest of Times

You will have noticed dearest reader that my blog has been a bit light on the old amusing and informative posts recently. Please don't feel I'm losing interest in spreading goodness throughout the universe, and really it's not because I have nothing to impart, far from it. 

It is because I have been titivating my home in readiness for a much longed for visit from my eldest brother John, who normally is to be found on the other side of the world in Australia.

Let's decorate the drawing room and smarten up the garden says I to Mr.S&P in a rash moment a few months ago now, we've plenty of time before the relos arrive. Of course not really thinking about all the other stuff that takes up our time, you know earning money and all that ugly routine.

" A wood burning stove would be just dandy, we could get rid of that ugly red brick fire surround, some new wallpaper oh and some curtains".

Well stage one was selling our soul to the devil to raise the MASSIVE amount of money a stove costs (cashed in some premium bombs actually). Next was scouring the internet and calling every local stove dealer in Sussex to get the best deal, as is my want. 

These people came up trumps with a great price for my pewter coloured steel English manufactured stove, they also threw in a few freebies too, always nice :). 

I'm so excited it's not true. From this ..................

To this.............................

To this..............................

The wallpapering is my handiwork, I'm good at it but find it a leeetle stressful when I'm doing it, luckily Mr. S&P remains sanguine throughout.

And there's more to come, or should I say heaps to do, eeeek.

Yes the scary sewing project, more horrific than wallpapering. 
Have I made curtains before? No. 
Am I keeping it nice and simple then? No. 
Am I a little bit bonkers? Well as Churchill the dog would say "Oh yes".


  1. We are going through exactly the same process at the moment. The stove & fire surround fitters are due on Wednesday. Hope it looks as good as yours!