Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sensational Glyndebourne

When you've been on the planet some 50 years + it's not often you can say you've seen something so extraordinary, it was breathtaking.
But Mr. S & P and I went on our first 'proper' Glyndebourne outing last week and had a completely new and wonderful experience.
From the moment we arrived
and enjoyed a cold glass of fizz. Till we left late into the night it felt completely magical and other worldly.

Most brought a picnic as we did, and set up early in the beautiful Glyndebourne grounds, before the performance started.

There was a long interval between the two short Ravel operas that we saw, and we ate our supper with the lovely South Downs sheep right next to us, bleating away.

But what of the music, costumes and sets? Well I sort of feel I was so dazzled by the spectacle of it all, I really didn't give the live music the attention it deserved. It was so sensational I feel I could watch it again and again, and still not only be thrilled by it each time but also experience more each time.

Take a squiz at this and you will understand.

Needless to say my outfit was either vintage, shoes and wrap, or simply secondhand, long black beaded dress, (local chazza shop saves the day again).

The Mr. hired an evening suit, but I shall be keeping my peepers open for a vintage version of his very own.

The tickets are REALLY expensive, but actually are truly worth every penny. And in a funny sort of way I'm glad that we can't go very often , because I want it to stay as a very special treat for us, something to be enjoyed occasionally.

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