Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dear Dear Agatha

Like my Ma before me, I love love love Agatha. I constantly revisit her. Not so much her books, although I collect the ones with the original dust jacket designs.

The black and white films with Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple are my all time favourite Christie treat.

Like the Hope and Crosby 'On the Road' films, I could, and do watch them again and again.

Last year Mr. S&P and I visited Agatha's home 'Greenway' on the river dart in Devon. For the full effect you can travel up to it in a vintage 1947 country bus called Barnaby.

We walked up, but very excitingly we had our lunch in her very own kitchen, ah me happy days.

The English Riviera hosts an annual Christie Festival, which is just coming up. I know I'm so topical aren't I?

We can't make it this year, but you could go.

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  1. That looks great fun and somewhere I have been wanting to visit for a while! Thank you for the tip. Cheers, Lizzie