Friday, 2 June 2017

A Little Update

It's not quite a palace yet, but I'm super pleased with the progress in the house, albeit there has been a small lull due to a wee visit to bonnie Scotland with some very good friends. My friend and I both celebrating a very important birthday.

I WILL be getting back to the tasks this weekend, if I delay too long I shall loose momentum and the house will still be a wreck this time next year.

The gardens of course are another kettle of fish and remain very scary. Huge amounts to do and growing like billy-o. My lovely husband assures me everything will eventually get done and all will be wonderful. Who am I to question his optimism? He hasn't let me down yet :)

As always funding is at the heart of the matter, so we do as much as we can ourselves. I'm chief painter and decorator, it's a good job walls don't really have ears, otherwise the wallpaper in the bedroom and hall might have spontaneously combusted with all the expletives I hurled at it.

Post moving in, I have been culling unwanted and unnecessary items, (this is the third sweep), to sell on. The money raised will be spent on getting help with the garden.

Anyhoo some 'after' pics as promised, kitchen, hallway, master bedroom, en suite, view from the bedroom and the old puss Pendragon reclining on her favourite sheepskin rug.

Btw my shower cap above, was found, new, still with its tags, in a charity shop. I had seen the exact same thing on the tellybox and wanted one desperately, you know I have delusions of grandeur. Lo and behold there it was. I must try concentrating on my need to win a large sum of money, to see if the same thing happens.


  1. Very snazzy, and even a picture of my old chum Leslie Hornby.

  2. All looking very good. Fantastic view in fact Purrfect!

  3. Gorgeous, you have been working hard. Very glamorous!

  4. Gosh Jean, it is all looking so beautiful & fresh & clean & wonderful. I love it!! You sure have been busy & your views are to-die-for. Puss Pendragon is rather beautiful too :-)

  5. It's looking gorgeous ..... especially puss on the rug.

    I love your kitchen :-)

  6. Ooh! It's looking lovely. Fabulous views too xx

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