Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Comforting Crochet

I'm feeling very inspired this week with all the gorgeous crochet work that abounds in Blogworld. As you may remember dear reader I have delved in the crafty crochet ways before and did manage to make two ripple blankets, both presents for friends. But in truth I'm more of a knitter then a crocheter, something that I have to put right. I need to learn the language of the hooker, so to speak.

I've been hankering for a while to start a granny square blanket of my very own. Perfect for those rare days when I can snuggle up on the knole sofa and watch a black and white film with my welcome companions - tea and cake.

This is the object of my desire. The pattern can be found here. I really love the cool freshness and brightness of these colours but because of my contrary ways I'm going for a more muted palette. 

I chose my first three colours, cappuccino, pistachio green and the palest pink from the James C Brett range 'Cotton on'. A lovely yarn, machine washable, 50% cotton and 50% acrylic double knit weight. I bought the yarn online from Texere Yarns and very reasonable it was too at £1.95 for 50g.

Then I had a good ole rootle around in my yarn stash to see what I had to compliment these balls of scrumptiousness. After all it wouldn't do to have to buy lots of new yarn to make this homespun beauty. Luckily I came up trumps.

Some of these are extra fine merino and some a wool and acrylic mix, but they are all double knit weight and most importantly machine washable. So I'm thinking they should all work together just dandy.

It will be a long process to make this up because I have just taken on a part-time job and I also start Italian lessons this week. Not to mention the workshops I'm organising and my regular visits to the gym to stave off the flobbage. But you see that is the beauty of the granny square. You can pick it up and put it down and pretty much take it anywhere to work on it.


  1. Love the colours you've chosen and what a good price too! They'll look great with your stash yarns, and will be prefect for that lovely design. I've been wanting to have a go at the african flower too, I've seen so many beauties in blogland.
    Hope you have fun making yours Jean!
    Gill xx

  2. I have never seen the African flower pattern before. It looks lovely and the colours you have chosen are lovely too. Please post a photo when you have finished. Would love to see it. Have just recently learned how to read a crochet pattern after years of being baffled by them and have just finished a 60's style cardi. Itching to crochet something else now.

    1. Yes, will definitely post some pictures. I'm hoping to learn the crochet lingo too so I can read patterns. I'm already picking my next projects.
      Jean x

    2. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
      Best wishes from Carol

  3. Wish I had time for this too. I love to crochet, but knitting makes me tense!