Monday, 18 November 2013

Perfect Antidote to Celebrity/Reality TV.

Now don't get me wrong, of course I love modern technology, otherwise I couldn't be a blogger. But the things I love to share through my blog aren't very often related to technology. Unless I'm highlighting a bargain or a wonderful opportunity I have discovered through an e-flyer or newsletter.

In truth I would dearly love the world to slow down a bit. And I do worry about the way the 'youf' cannot seem to function without being attached to an electronic device.

It all has to be extreme non-stop stimulation. But what are they actually getting from it? Except the need for yet more stimulation.
It's a very passive form of entertainment which never seems to satisfy.

I feel the same way about all the 'shouty' TV programmes too. Can we all just calm down a bit please. Yes, wake up and smell the coffee but take some time to drink it and enjoy it. Simple pleasures are best.

I was totally chuffed to spot an article in 'The Week' magazine about a 'slow tv' movement, right up my street and a perfect antidote to all the shouty programmes I loathe.

The Norwegian state broadcaster, NRK, cleared it's entire prime-time schedule for a live, nine hour show on knitting. Yes, knitting.

The aim was to beat the world 'sheep to sweater' record. With a team of people shearing a ewe, spinning the wool and knitting a jumper. They didn't quite make it in the time. But hurrah the show was really popular.
Slow TV is a big movement in Norway. Since 2009 they have enjoyed ten hours of footage from the top of a train, twelve hours of a burning log fire and eighteen hours of salmon spawning.

I'd love to see something like that on British TV, but I can't see that happening any time soon. I totally agree with Stuart Heritage (The Guardian) "watching Saturday night TV in Britain is like being trapped in a burning cell with a crying, attention-seeking lunatic who screams and punches himself in the face whenever he thinks you're about to look away".

I would like to champion a 'Let's Get Real' campaign. Read a book, take a walk, cook, craft, mix with real people and talk to them.


  1. I've got the feeling Andy Warhol made films a bit like this - and called them Art!
    I've just realised that while I had lunch with son, daughter-in-law, babies & 14 year old granddaughter yesterday, nobody looked at their phone or i-thing once! Makes me proud.

  2. You should be proud Nilly, that's smashing.

    Jean x