Thursday, 7 November 2013

Introducing Lizzie Shrimpton

I can't believe it was as long ago as March that I made a start on my first felted doll. Poor felted beauty has been languishing in my knitting bag along side the bare bear's Fair Isle. This week I have been working on both projects. Tuesday night I set myself the task of finishing felted beauty's face and making her a body.

And here she is sitting on a chair borrowed for her debut from vintage Barbie.

She is mainly needle felted from wool tops, including her hair which is from the delightfully curly Wensleydale sheep. Her body is made from fabric scraps, stuffed with wool tops. She is indeed very sheepish. I did a little rudimentary stitching for her lips and eyelashes and her stockings are made from some off-cut cotton tubing that I purchased at the Guild exhibition last week, 3 balls for £1.00.

All in all I think she has turned out mighty fine for a first attempt. Now to make her a perfectly pretty dress. I'm thinking a small ditsy print would be best, possibly Laura Ashleyesque.

This is my first thought.

Not that I have a clue how to make a dress of any sort really but nothing ventured nothing gained.


  1. Good luck, sewing by the seat of your pants is exhilarating!

  2. Vintage Laura Ashley would be just the thing! I love her blue legs too.