Monday, 15 July 2013

A Tale of Two Palaces - Part Two

So with our second palace visit the excitement levels went up just a touch. I booked the very reasonably priced tickets last February and we have waited patiently for the big day to arrive. Who knows if we might ever get the chance again to visit the gardens of Buckingham Palace?

The day itself flew past in a blur of chimney sweeps (yes I shook his hand), gorgeous food and drink (tiny portions and extortionate prices), royal warrant holders (I made a purchase see below) and bundles of music and uber British fashion catwalk shows. It was TREMENDOUS.

We didn't get tickets for the Gala in the evening, all sold out, still we watched it on the goggle box on Saturday night, good enough for me.

My RHS Hunter gardening shoes, purchased in the grounds of the Palace don't you know.



  1. But those very tall candles were not all straight - what would Her Maj think?!

    So glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  2. Golly - did you see the Queen? I wonder if the palace will run more of these events.

  3. Hi Nilly, no didn't spot her Maj. I don't know if they will run more events as the festival was specifically for the coronation celebrations. Maybe when she has been reigning for 70 years?
    We also went to Highgrove last month and had a garden tour and dinner there as part of the coronation festivities. That was amazing although 'The Royals' weren't there at the time. I heard about the B. Palace event through The Lady magazine and the Highgrove event through the Highgrove shop's newsletter.

    Jean xx