Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Big Decisions

One of the nice things that I remember about my childhood was that feeling of living in the moment. Enjoying what I was doing without thinking too much about what I needed to do next. 

My brother Jack and I on holiday at Putnem.

Not too many decisions to make and certainly no big decisions.
I struggle to do that now. I have to plan my work for the year. I try to plan holiday breaks and activities for both my husband and myself that will break up our workload and give us some recreational time. To live a balanced life as it were.

I sometimes feel that unlike my Mother's generation we have so much choice about which way we direct our lives, it can make me anxious about making the right choices. I always feel this more acutely at this time of year. 2013 is before me and I have just had another birthday so as I get older I increasingly feel I have to be more discerning about how I spend my time.

I wondered if anyone else in blog world feels the same as me and If so how you make your big decisions?


  1. Oh yes, I feel the same! I'm sure I'm a few years ahead of you and, for me, the pleasure these planned choices gives has become more intense - I seem to get more out of everything I do. Luckily Mr N & I share similar interests so choosing isn't too difficult.
    One thing my friends & I have in common - it's we women who do all the research, planning, organisation etc.
    I think this adds to the anxiety, but we'd get nowhere if we left it to the men.

  2. Yes Nilly, like you I'm really glad that Mr. S&P has the same vision and drive for life that I have. I feel at the moment though I need to decide whether to keep on with the same job and where we live, which like everything has it's ups and downs or to go for a complete change and maybe have a bit of an adventure.
    I think the answer is to keep my peepers open for an opportunity then I get to make the big decision.

    Jean x