Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Knitted Chains

I have very fond memories of making paper chain Christmas decorations as a small girl. Sitting quietly and concentrating to make sure they looked perfect. The house decorations signalling the slow build up to Christmas and the much anticipated visit from Father Christmas.

I haven't made any for over twenty years, not since my son Jack was a boy. But I have been inspired this year to make some knitty chains, and I think they are going to turn out quite nicely.

The two woollen cones cost me 10p each, so VERY thrifty indeedy.


  1. They do look very attractive, and the good thing is that they will last forever. Gosh, you must be so organised with your Christmas arrangements to have time to knit chains!!!

  2. The devil makes work for idle hands, tha knows.

    Jean x