Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Poor Old Puss

I had to drop off our old puss Pendragon at the vets this morning.

She lay in her little basket  (once we managed to capture her), and just trembled. I felt so bad when I left her  I thought I was going to cry; I had to have a few stiff words with myself. They had thought she was having problems with one of her teeth and so they were putting her under to remove it.

But once they had a closer look they realised it wasn't the problem they thought it was and so just descaled and cleaned her gnashers instead. What a relief.

She is back home now and is purring very loudly like a tiger. Come on Pendragon give us a smile :)


  1. Phew, what a relief. I have 2 cats & HATE taking them to the vets! Lizzie

  2. Hello and thanks for dropping by. Yes, I think we feel for them because we can't explain what is happening.
    Let's hope she doesn't have to go back again for another year.