Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas at Charleston

This time of year, heading towards Christmas is such a terribly busy time. I do manage my time well and can usually step up a gear when I need to but I have to admit to feeling a bit frazzled at the moment. 

But I must press on me dears, as there are lots and lots of things that have to be done. I can hear a lot of voices in the ether concurring with me. Yes, yes, busy busy we are, (does that sound like Yoda in your head too, or is it just me?).

I'm fortunate in that I get a decent break from the day job over Christmas and a chance to recharge my batteries, so in my mind I'm working towards that. Plus I have a very special treat to look forward to in just a few weeks to celebrate my birthday, but more of that particular wonderfulness later.

So this weekend I will be galvanising me old bones into action and taking Shrimpton and Perfect to market, because as we all know, not only is Christmas a busy time it's also bloomin expensive, even for a thrifty chick (well hen then) like me.

Charleston farmhouse is hosting it's first big Christmas event this Saturday 24th and I'm lucky enough to be having a stand there. Over 20 makers and crafters will be plying their wares, including Samantha Stas who has just featured in this month's Mollie Makes.
And there are other VIPs coming or should that be VIRs?

I'm very excited about getting up close and (sort of) personal with a family of reindeer.

I'll be selling some fabulous pure wool hand made knitwear, from original 1940s knitting patterns.

And the good news? I'll be selling these garments for just the cost of the yarn £45.00, as they were knitted up as samples for me when I had my vintage knitwear company.

There will also be lots of other vintage goodies and desirables at sensible prices, so pop along if you can.

and pick up a gift that someone will love.


  1. This Charleston event is news to me - I wonder if there are others at different times of the year as we're never in the South at Christmas. I love the knitwear - reminds me of the beautiful things I used to fund at jumble sales. Some young friends of mine don't believe we wore vintage in the '60s & '70s.

  2. Ah so sorry to have missed this Fair, hope it went well for you. Would love to be involved in any future Charleston Fairs, we met at the Vintage Pop Up Fair in Hassocks, and I also think you saw my items at Vanessa Mooncie's Open House Event. Would love to catch up in 2013. x