Friday, 6 January 2017

One Other Thing - Rag n Bone Man

A New Year's Eve discovery, I think you may like the young man's style. Especially you Cro.

He grew up in the town we have just moved from, shame we didn't hear about him then.


  1. I wanted to watch Jools. I looked at the line-up, and the only person who really appealed was Roy Wood so I didn't bother. Maybe I should have stayed up anyway. Rag-n-Bone Man is a name to watch.

  2. Oh this guy is wonderful. He has already been picked up by a US programme being played in the background of the trailer for it. Jools always has incredible people on.

  3. That is such a strange coincidence, only this morning, I was watching something on breakfast TV about Rag N’ Bone man, then I pop over to see how you are, and here he is again. I hadn’t heard about him before today! Hope all is well with you.

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