Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Girl Time

I'm away for a few days, popping up north to visit a chum who's feeling a bit cheesed off. The Mister is staying behind, plenty of work to do and all that. Besides she needs some girl time !

Here is a pic of the city I'm going to visit, can you guess where it is?

It's a wee bit colder up there so I'm taking plenty of warm clothes. Tis a pity though I can't take my knitting on the plane. (What the authorities think I could do with a knitting needle, that anyone couldn't do with a biro is beyond me).

Lovely weather down here at the moment though. Spring is most definitely on it's way. I know this because Pendragon has started to 'sunbathe' in the little hot spots around the house.


  1. No idea where you're going, but that beach looks gorgeous. Pendragon's face is the picture of contentment, bless.

  2. have a lovely time were ever it is you are going I hope the sun shines for you :-)

  3. Have a good time and lots of girly giggles to cheer up your friend!
    bestest daisy j

  4. A city by the sea - intriguing! Enjoy your girl time. That is one gorgeous cat by the way - they always know where to find the warmest spots.

  5. I haven't a clue, but hope you two have a good time !