Tuesday 14 May 2024

Wonderful News

It has taken years and years of dedicated work to achieve this legislation. No more will animals be transported from Britain in cruel and inhumane conditions, to be slaughtered in foreign countries. I have supported CIWF for a long time, I couldn't be more pleased. Well done to them. Now we just need to try and shut down all the dog and cat meat markets in Asia, where unspeakable things are done to these poor creatures. Humane Society International is another charity I support with a monthly donation, they are working hard to close these markets of torture.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Beltane Blessings My Lovely Chums

This lovely Beltane image from one of my fav designers, Wendy Andrew. She can be found at www.paintingdreams.co.uk I have bought quite a few wonderful items from her. Just recently a fab door hanging featuring the Harvest Goddess.
On another bountiful note, I have reached my initial weight loss target of 10% of my total body weight, 17lbs. I aim to continue on for a while longer. But last Saturday I celebrated with my first cake since Christmas. Bloomin lovely. It was too.

Sunday 28 April 2024

A Thrifty Tale How To Save Money With Boots No7 Deals & Offers

I use some of the Boots company No 7 beauty skin care range. I was very excited to receive an email a couple of weeks back to say that if I ordered some of their products on a certain day I would get a free goody bag worth over £100. On said day I 'hurried' over to the online site but it was obviously swamped, I couldn't seem to get it to load properly so I could order. Anyway I eventually got through and ordered my products and the free goody bag was added to my basket but then the system wouldn't let me pay. I thought I would just come out of the system and go back in. Big mistake. I was then put in a queue and by the time I got through the goody bag had 'been removed' because they had run out. Boo hoo. I called their customer service and spoke to a very nice lady who said she would pass my comments on and as an apology added £10 worth of points to my card. I didn't hear anymore back but I popped into my local Boots store and my Nivea eye cream was half price, so I paid with the apology money so it was free to me. I then thought I would go online to look again at the products to see if they had one of their buy 2 get a 3rd free offers on. Indeed they did. So I got a £34.95 discount, free delivery plus another £4.72 worth of points to spend. AND I spotted a code to remove another £10 from the bill. So it was an amazing bargain and really made up for missing out on the goody bag. The secret is to check offers before you have run out of product then you can afford to wait for the best deal.

Monday 22 April 2024

Morgana Extends A Warm Welcome To My Latest Followers

100 followers and counting. Thank you all.

The Excitement of Felbrigg Hall & The Art of Creating A Joyful Life

It's been a few months since the Mr and I ventured to Norfolk. We journeyed there again for the weekend and had a most splendid time. Each time we visit it reinforces our desire to move to Norfolk on a permanent basis. Felbrigg Hall, a sensational NT property wasn't open last time but we managed a swift visit on Saturday. It has the most swoon worthy house and walled garden and I decided whilst visiting that I will volunteer there once we have settled in our new home. We did view a property on Friday but alas it wasn't for us. Still at last the ball is rolling.
Naturally my thoughts have been turning to new home interiors. I have been lucky to source a few interesting 'coffee table' style books from my local library written by various well known and maybe not so well known home stylists.
I hadn't heard of Rachel Ashwell, but by all accounts she was the founder of the Shabby Chic movement.
Paula Sutton's book is full of whimsy but also lush photos of her own joyful life and tips and advice in helping folk add some sparkle to theirs. She is a recent discovery for me and I like her. I tried to make a small film of the book content but my very dated system is unhappy with that and although it loaded from my phone it won't now load to my post, sorry folks.

Tuesday 16 April 2024

My Journey To Health - A Morning Walk

Up early this morning, bedlinen on the line, yes the weather is holding. Booked my Zumba class for Monday week, you have to get up early to book as spaces fill up super fast. Then I took myself off to my local stately home, Chatsworth, for a fresh 45 minute walk around the wonderful gardens, very empty as it was quite early. I have been getting as much exercise as I can for a goodly few months, to increase my fitness and health. I have also been watching the calories and I'm pleased to report I have lost 15lbs so far. The Mr and I have made a conscious shift in our everyday food choices and intake and both of us feel a lot better for it, it will, I feel, be a lifetime choice now. Although I must be due a cake soon, ha ha.
Can I extend a warm welcome to my latest follower, sorry I don't know your name, but thank you for clicking the follow button. I'm only one away now from 100 followers. My small blogging community growing pleases me greatly.

Saturday 6 April 2024

Bargains Galore

Hello fellow bargain hunters. Regular readers of mine will know I love the nice things in life but want to attain them at bargain prices. Having said that I don't often go 'shopping' without an express need to do so. BUT last week was an exception. One of the regular Vloggers I subscribe to, mentioned Homesense in one of her small thrifty films. I had forgotten how nice a browse around the TK Maxx home department is, so off I did trot. I have been on the look out for another duvet set for our super king bed. At the moment we have two nice sets, one from the White Company purchased in their sale, which I think was still about £135 and one Yves Delorme set purchased from an outlet store again which was still quite expensive. If you're not familiar with TK Maxx it is a discount store that sells 'brand' clothing and homewares, normally items that are end of ranges for their parent stores. Items are normally only in ones and twos so you have to keep your eyes peeled so not to miss the good stuff.I didn't find the bedlinen I wanted in store but went online and found just the thing. £39.99 plus postage. I really can't see any difference between this and the White Company one I already have, oh, except about £100 cheaper.
In store I found loads and loads of tempting things and happily succumbed to a few. I bought a new nightdress, a cushion, some divine hand soap, an extra pretty candle, 2 packs of Baci 70% dark chocolate little sweets (for health reasons), liver detox tea, spearmint and peppermint tea (also for health reasons), and a few essentials for the Mr (designer pants). A Spode ceramic oven dish, a new tin opener, (desperately needed), for a total of £110. Super scrimper prices for quality items.
This is the new cushion on our spare bed. Our puss likes to snuggle up to our son when he stays, so I thought the cushion would make him smile. I've told my husband not to let me forget about Homesense again, ha ha. And dear reader if you have never been and are in need of some little pleasing trifles pop along. You can thank me later.

Friday 29 March 2024

A Discovery

I discovered this book in one of my local charity shops, stuck together with some nasty brown sellotape, since removed thankfully. It was the cover that caught my eye. Although I have been clearing out a substantial amount of books pre-move, I am also purchasing any 'special' ones that I find. As I have decided that I would really love a small cosy reading room/library in our new house. The book by Betty Macdonald tells the tale of her island life with her second husband and two teenage daughters, published in 1955 it is set in the war years. It is really funny, in a similar vein to the E.M. Delafield book The Diary of a Provincial Lady. I have since found out she has written several other books, which I hope to track down. Here is the lady herself. I think she has a real look of mischief about her.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Time Travelling

On our way to Mr. Straw's house the Mr and I popped along to take a look at Clumber Park. It is a 3,800 acre estate set within Sherwood Forest. For over three hundred years it was the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle, now looked after by The National Trust. Sadly no trace of their house remains, it was taken down in 1938. But the parkland and especially the huge glasshouse were an absolute joy to visit. The weather wasn't being very kind whilst we were there but we will visit again when the sun is shining and picnic in hand we will explore the rest of the parkland. Of course the rain couldn't put a dampener on our visit to Endcliffe Villa, the house of the Straw family. The house itself told the story of the simple and contented lives that were led there through much of the 20th century. It was a strangely moving experience, I could feel deeply the humbleness and quietness of the family that had lived there and may still be there? The family didn't live a 'big' or worldly life but I could feel the richness of their experiences. Simple, hard working and ethical folk who lived their lives well. Wish that we could all say that.

Wonderful News

It has taken years and years of dedicated work to achieve this legislation. No more will animals be transported from Britain in cruel and ...